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Free YouTube Download Beta version 3.2

It is a program that allows you to download YouTube videos
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Free YouTube Download is a software tool designed to make the task of downloading videos from the popular video website as easy as possible. Thanks to this program, you just have to focus on collecting the URLs belonging to the YouTube videos you would like to download, as Free YouTube Download practically does the rest of the job for you.

The program presents a nice and really simple user interface with a big panel, where all the YouTube URLs you have copied and pastes are displayed. It shows you details like the video quality, the duration, the size, a thumbnail of the video, and two little buttons to start and stop each individual download. You can also check the "Auto" box and thus tell the program that it has to paste in its waiting list all the URLs that you send to your clipboard and then start downloading the corresponding videos automatically. You can also select whether you want to save the downloaded video in their original format or convert them.

For the first option, you can choose among MP4, FLV or 3GP with different levels of quality - high definition, high quality, standard quality, or mobile phone quality, depending on the characteristics of the YouTube source video. For the second option, you can choose between the original and the "economic" quality for both AVI and MP4 formats. You are also allowed to edit the preset configuration for any of those profiles, and customize parameters like the video frame and bit rates, its width and height, and the audio sample and bit rates, and the number of audio channels. You can also enable or disable either the audio or the video stream, so that you can extract one of them. Finally, there is also the "Download" button, which will start downloading all the videos on your list.

The program also offers you a configuration window, where you can set many detailed parameters regarding how the program works, including the output location where your converted videos will be stored. The conversion process is quick and clean, and it does not present any problems in general terms. Best of all, the program is indeed free.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Free
  • Nice and simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to convert video using fully-customizable parameters
  • Allows you to automatically paste and download the video URLs you copy to your clipboard


  • By default, it installs Ask toolbar on your Internet Browser, and sets its website as your home URL
  • Opens a window showing you certain program offers when closing the program
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